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The Project


It has been amply demonstrated that  use of a bicycle for short journeys leads to advantages in terms of travelling time and ease of parking. Cycling also represents an enjoyable, healthy and environmentally friendly way of rediscovering Italian cities, currently made difficult by traffic congestion and increasingly worrying levels of pollution. Bicincittà (city cycling) is a response to the ever-increasing demand for alternative eco-friendly mobility.


Bicincittà is a system of bike sharing that provides the opportunity for making a certain number of bicycles available to the public in a simple and intuitive manner and to monitor their pick-up and return in real time.


This system represents, on the one hand, a public service offered as an alternative to private motor vehicles and, on the other, a strategic planning instrument to aid mobility.


From an intermodal transport point of view, Bicincittà is one of the possible alternatives that allows an individual, arriving by train or bus, to move around the city using another means of public transport. A means that guarantees autonomy and agility in moving through city traffic without any parking problems or endless queues at traffic lights.


Who Bicincittà is for


Riding a bicycle instead of driving a car is one of the good habits that we must all adopt. Bicincittà, in fact, is aimed at all those administrations, organisations and companies that want to offer the public, or their own employees, a bicycle parked just where it is needed, in the old centre, at the station or in the multimodal car park, rather than outside the hypermarket or near to other points of public interest.

Bicincittà also represents a valid service to tourism: distributing cycle passes to tourists provides a convenient and enjoyable method of travelling around the city, while also demonstrating how much attention we are paying to the environment and alternative mobility.


How Bicincittà works

Any user with an electronic pass can collect a bicycle from any cycle park in the area and leave it at an empty cycle park, either at the pick-up point or at a different location. This means that the service is both rapid and flexible: the user can make use of the cycle for the time necessary in the same manner as they would their own motor vehicle, without polluting the air while, at the same time, contributing to the diffusion of a mobility logic that, especially for short journeys, is proven to be quicker and more efficient (the bicycle for sustainable mobility).In this way, the returned bicycle is immediately available for another user, who can then move around the city and return the cycle to any free station. The result is a rapid turnaround, with potential interactions between the various cycle parks in the city and frequent availability of cycles.



Bicincittà, components.

Bicincittà is made up of the following components:


- The bicycle and the cycle park

- The monitoring and management system

- The remote diagnostics system


The bicycle and the cycle park

The bicycle and the cycle park constitute the basis for the extreme flexibility of the system. Each bicycle, in fact, is securely locked to a cycle park column to prevent theft. The cycle park, fitted with an electric lock, is activated by the user simply by holding the electronic pass near to the reader, whether collecting or returning the cycle. A series of cycle parks constitutes a distribution station, with the number of columns installed in line with effective needs and without any minimum requirements. Each station is equipped with an information panel showing a map of the area with the locations of the distribution stations, the regulations for use and useful addresses, etc.


Monitoring and Management system

Each bicycle collection and return action is transmitted to a server which updates the effective availability of bicycles in the area in real time. Each user is recorded at the time of issue of the pass by entering their details and telephone number in the system. The pass is normally valid for an indefinite period of time but can be cancelled remotely by the service provider. The system interface provides information on the transactions made by the user, displays a general panorama, enables movements to be analysed and provides statistics on system use. This information provides the planner with indicators for assessing the actual use of the system, allowing choices to be made regarding expansion of the service as opposed to a targeted advertising campaign.


The Remote Diagnostics system

Bicincittà has a remote diagnostics system that allows the status of the cycle parks to be known at any time. In the case of a malfunction in one of the units, a remote reset allows the individual cycle park and/or the entire distribution station to be returned to normal operation. The use of remote diagnostics and remote troubleshooting guarantees the total efficiency of the service, an essential factor for supplying a quality service to the public.


Find your bicycle

How do I know if there are any bicycles available? Simple. Simply connect to website and you can see in real time the bicycles available at that moment in the cities that have adopted the system. Not only that, Bicincittà users possessing a pass can consult their own records and their journeys at a given time, with a login username and password which will be provided at the time of registration.


The bicycles, cycle stations, information panels and electronic cards are personalised based on a coordinated image of the users, in order to produce an initiative which, through visual communication, expresses an explicit desire to improve the urban environment

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