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Park Centro Stazione History

Car, bus, train and bike intermodal hub


Implemented by: ATC Mobilità e Parcheggi S.p.A. 


Supervisory official:  Gianluca Rinaldi (Engineer)


Architectural design. Dr Mario Bruchi (Architect)


Executive design: Exa Engineering -  Sabatino Tonacci (Engineer)


Director of Works: Mario Bruchi (Architect),  Claudio Rocca (Engineer)


Safety coordinator: Claudio Rocca (Engineer)


Contractor: Dott. Carlo Agnese S.p.A. La Spezia


Essential data


Location: Piazzale delle Medaglie d’Oro (Ex Piazzale della Stazione) La Spezia.


Number of storeys: two underground levels.


Dimensions: total gross covered area 5,232 m2.


Spaces: 218 spaces in garages and open bays.


Pedestrian entrances and exits: 2 pedestrian entrances served by steps in Piazzetta Ancona and Via Fiume and a lift from the latter. All the entrances/exits are controlled and equipped with badge/ticket readers that only allow access to car park users.


Pedestrian and vehicular entrances and exits: one in via Paleocapa and one in Via Fiume/Piazzetta Ancona


The car park is monitored by 64 CCTV cameras.

A bike sharing station has been installed in the "piazza" (main square).

Friday, 07 December 2012 16:20
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For the construction of the car park, in addition to the technical and geological aspects of building an underground structure adjacent to existing buildings, the designers had to face a series of problems peculiar to the site itself.


As often happens in Liguria, space was limited and it became necessary to look for design solutions that would, on the one hand, guarantee the safety of rail travellers and site workers and, on the other, ensure unhindered access to the rail services by vehicles and people.


Another requirement related to the restoration and preservation of existing historic assets, including not only the railway buildings, most of which are protected by the Architectural Heritage Committee, but also the nineteenth century wall, behind which the underground car park was to be built, and the monumental plane tree near to the historic access steps to the station forecourt.


The designers therefore had to propose a series of technical and organisational measures to make the works feasible.


Logistic efficiency and access, including vehicular access, to the station during the construction works was guaranteed by providing temporary pedestrian access along Via Fiume and adopting an innovative technical solution that allowed the site to operate without interfering with or interrupting rail services.


The temporary access was created by installing a metal stairway in Piazza Caduti del Lavoro, a square through which the flow of public transport had been diverted. It was decided to access the site from Piazzetta Ancona and to adopt the TOP-DOWN excavation technique. This meant that the overlying Via Paleocapa would remain open, while the excavation and car park construction took place below.


The TOP-DOWN technique consists of building structures from the top down.  This technique involved constructing an approximately 10 m long structure in front of the station to allow pedestrian and vehicle access during the construction works. A system of micro piles was installed to support the faces of the excavation on the station building side. Lines of 24 m long steel piles were then sunk into the more compact ground layers at right angles to the station buildings. These formed the load-bearing columns of the roof slab during the top-down construction of the car park.


In practice, once this part of the current car park roof had been completed, it was made open to traffic while the excavation works continued below. The remainder of the car park was built in the traditional manner, i.e. from the bottom of the excavation, with the installation of foundations, up to the roof slab supporting the new forecourt paving.


The monumental plane tree was saved by means of a support system that ensured its stability during the construction phases and which will remain in place during the initial settlement period of the service life of the new structure.



Friday, 07 December 2012 16:20
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Close attention was paid to the materials used for the body of the building. The choice was dictated by the principles of solidity, reliability and formal simplicity with the aim of achieving a good fit with the architectural aspects already present (most importantly, the wall ).


Friday, 07 December 2012 16:20
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The Carispe Foundation had previously chosen a work by Tomaino as the artistic centrepiece of Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, so it was decided to invite the Maestro to continue his creativity inside the stairwell and enhance the public part. 


Friday, 07 December 2012 16:20
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The forecourt of the station, Piazza Medaglie d'Oro, has been developed in response to the requirements and instructions of the various authorities with respect to traffic flow and maintains the minimalist concept of the car park, still in its completion phase, as regards form and materials.



The main architectural features reflecting this concept are the bench on the via Fiume side and the two pedestrian exits from the car park, both made of Corten steel.

The bench, conceived as part of the protection of the ventilation system of the underground car park, has become a stimulating exercise in design from the point of view of simplicity and the architectural use of structural elements. The pedestrian exits, made of Corten steel and glass, also reveal their simple function as a means of connection and protection for pedestrians, reducing the formal component to a minimum so as not to clash with the aesthetics of the existing buildings.


Friday, 07 December 2012 16:20
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Acquisti on line

Link Istituzionali

Orari ed informazioni

L’ufficio informazioni e rilascio Pass osservano il seguente orario:
Orario invernale (dal 16 settembre al 14 Giugno):

il lunedì: 08.15 - 12.30.

dal martedì al venerdì: 08.15 - 12.30 , 15.00 - 17.30.

il sabato dalle 08:15 alle 12:15.


Orario estivo(dal 15 giugno al 15 settembre):

dal lunedì al sabato: 08.15 - 13.00.

Per informazioni dettagliate entrare nella pagina “ Rilascio pass “
Telefono 0187.1875303
Fax  0187.1875308
Centralino Comando Vigili Urbani   0187.7261
Assistenza Parcometri  840151108 (Segnalazione guasti)
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